Richard Cantillon and disruption


The first person to introduce the term “Entrepreneur” in its modern sense was an Irish economist.

Richard Cantillon was born in County Kerry, moving to France at the start of the 18th Century.

He viewed entrepreneurs not as disruptive forces but as agents of equilibrium.

Change for the better moves us constantly towards equilibrium – where problems are solved, markets are open and supply equals demand.

I am going to make a big call here – disruption is not a core element of that evolution.

Most of “better” is an outcome of intellectual and physical hard labour.

Bumping into things, serendipity and maverick behaviour are derived from those core ingredients of change – hard work and vision.

Here is my favourite quote about why entrepreneurs and not managers lead change and move us to a better equilibrium!

“Every time you want to make any important decision, there are two possible courses of action. You can look at the array of choices that present themselves, pick the best available option and try to make it fit. Or, you can do what the true entrepreneur does: Figure out the best conceivable option and then make it available.”

Jon Burgstone, “Breakthrough Entrepreneurship”


2 thoughts on “Richard Cantillon and disruption

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