Breda O’Brien



I have known Breda O’Brien for over 25 years. 

I find quite a few of her positions hateful. 

Without exception on all of the social justice referenda I have campaigned against her positions.

Breda and her other half Brendan Conroy are two of the most loving and good people I have met in life.

Whatever their views, they are not hateful.

They are the last people on earth I would ever imagine to be homophobes.

They have been brilliant parents to their kids and incredibly supportive friends – even to Liberals like me.

Let’s have a robust full-on debate in Irish society.

Hurling is a tough game like politics.

At the end of the toughest game, the teams line up to show their respect for the opposition. 

I wish politics had the same ethic – especially political discourse on social media.

If like me you don’t want Ireland’s laws to reflect Breda’s views – do something positive – campaign for example on the upcoming referendum to give equal access to marriage for all our citizens. 

That’s all.


2 thoughts on “Breda O’Brien

  1. Hi Gerard,

    As far as I know she is not in favour of same sex marriage – which is a valid point of view.

    I don’t agree with her but I don’t think that view is dangerous or deadly, I agree it seems outdated to me.

    I have thought about it and I don’t think that view is homophobic either – here is a piece that informed my view on that front:

    There was stuff published by John Waters that I have seen that seemed mad to me – but unless I missed something I can’t imagine anything was published by Breda that would be similar.

    Her views are deeply felt. She is a traditionalist. I respect that.

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