Exceptional Internet Start-ups sought!

Razor will be ten years old in October.

We have carved out a profitable business model.

We have become the Digital partner for Irish and UK Agencies – Advertising, PR and Web Development.

The work we do with these Agencies allows us to work with amazing clients and on groundbreaking Digital projects.

We are seeing rapid growth from existing and new Agency clients.

I personally work a lot with Start-ups.

I know the territory well.

Here is what I notice:

When an Internet start-up closes its seed round funding:

  • They have approximately €500k in the bank
  • They have Digital milestones that are significant
  • The range of skills and experience needed are daunting

For some, a CTO is in place, other teams focus on their commercial domain expertise.

In both cases they have less than 100% of the skills needed to execute.

They need:

  • Graphic design skills
  • UX architecture skills
  • CMS and Database experience
  • SEO and PPC skills
  • Server implementation, performance and security skills
  • Agile project execution skills
  • Deep social media integration skills

In Ireland and in the UK, start-ups compete with Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and others to attract those skills

Even if they find them, the cost can be crippling.

Razor has these skills in abundance.

We have the scale and resilience that our Agency clients demand.

We have been Beta testing a Start-up partner programme.

It works brilliantly for both sides:

  • Our Internet start-up clients get the flexibility and scale they need
  • They access a brilliant confident team that add insight as well as codebase
  • There is none of the cultural dissonance that non-European engagement often encounter
  • Skype video makes agile integration of our team simple
  • Our team has perfect English – the accents are less daunting than those of West Cork or Glasgow!
  • We get really exciting work that allows our team to share in the buzz and excitement that make start-ups so compelling

The beauty is that great companies do not remain start-ups.

Their web and mobile needs grow with their commercial success.

We have designed Razor to partner effectively as they grow in scale and complexity.

The bottom line is that early stage companies can get 2,000 productive work hours from Razor – for the same cost as hiring one unexceptional developer locally.

Give me a buzz and I will share our portfolio and our vision in greater detail.

Frank Hannigan, Chairman, Razor Communications Limited


+353 86 8280077

Skype – frank.hannigan

Here are a few pictures of the Razor crew……

Our founder and CEO – Vuk Mirkovic





Dejan Tasic, Account Director and Rugby International



Andrej Matic our Art Director













Simon Kuzmanovic
Simon Kuzmanovic – quiet authority and a great designer

2 thoughts on “Exceptional Internet Start-ups sought!

  1. Online businesses need to be brilliant to succeed – it’s a very competitive environment. Razor and Frank are an exceptional win for anyone that works with them, I know!

  2. I’ve 20 years experience working in technology and I know when I come across a great partner to work with and Razor are certainly one of them. Looking forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial partnership.

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