There’s nothing at the end of the Rainbow – an introduction to Richard Thompson

If you only sample one new songwriter’s work in 2012 – make it Richard Thompson.

Here are a bunch of jumping off points….

Richard Thompson Website

Wikipedia – Richard Thompson

BBC Documentary

pt 1/7

pt 2/7

pt 3/7

pt 4/7

pt 5/7

pt 6/7

pt 7/7

Newstalk BBC review

part 1/2

part 2/2

Here are some of my favourite youtube moments

  1952 Vincent Black Lightning

  Elvis Costello cover

 Shoot out the lights

 Waltzing’s for dreamers

 From Galway to Graceland – covered by Eleanor Shanley

  Oops I did it again – originally made famous by Brittany Spears

  I feel so good

 Persuasion – with Tim Finn


 I missunderstood


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