Tim O’Reilly – Create more value than you capture!

Tim O’Reilly should be a lot better known in Ireland.

For those of you who think they know him – take a moment to read a little more about him here – there may be a few surprises.

For Irish people not directly involved in technology – you may never have heard of him.

This is a collection of links for anyone who wants to find out more.

Why am I putting this blog together?

In a perfect world what I would love to see happen is….

– A member of the cabinet preferably Enda Kenny reaching out to ask this global leader for his help and support.

– An Irish media organisation persuading Tim to invest time and energy to lead an event called – why not – Ireland 2.0

– An ongoing role for Tim where he could evangelize, promote and give back to the country of his birth.

I have been lucky enough to see Tim speak.

We have people in common and they confirm that this guy is all he seems to be and more.

He was born in Cork, he is proudly from Kerry.

Gay Byrne for the Aras?

Don’t make me laugh.

When you discover the impact this guy has had in his short life, few other Irish leaders stand a shoulder above him.


tim.oreilly.com — Various Thing I’ve Written: Tim O’Reilly’s Archive



Some Videos worth viewing


Create more value that your capture – Web 2.0 2010 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAau6W–iMo

Velocity 2011 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kn-RrAg9FI

BBC interview 2007 – http://blip.tv/cubicgardencom-videos/tim-o-reilly-interview-for-bbc-pods-and-blogs-198960


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