“Hey Frank, what’s the best Business Plan software?”

< here is my response to an email I get roughly once a month….> Hi xxxxxx, My first response is that business plans are absolute pants for start-ups. If your venture is based on 80%+ known-knowns, clearly articulated business drivers and risks, then a business plan is for you. In that case, with some certainty… More “Hey Frank, what’s the best Business Plan software?”

Breda O’Brien

  I have known Breda O’Brien for over 25 years.  I find quite a few of her positions hateful.  Without exception on all of the social justice referenda I have campaigned against her positions. Breda and her other half Brendan Conroy are two of the most loving and good people I have met in life.… More Breda O’Brien

Balkan Tour

  For most Western Europeans and North Americans, the Balkans is not likely to be on their shortlist for a family holiday. What an amazing world they are missing! One of the amazing things about travel is just how little you notice if you visit a place once. “The human brain receives 14m bits of… More Balkan Tour